July 17, 2018

Job Opportunity: Health and Human Services Librarian at Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University seeks an innovative, outgoing Health and Human Services Librarian for a twelve month, non-tenured track position.  For the official description and to apply, visit the FGCU jobs webpage.

What is the job description?
This position is focused on proactively working with health and human services faculty to provide interactive instruction and research assistance for undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing, counseling, health sciences, and rehabilitation sciences.  The position also selects and weeds the collection materials for these areas, serves on the Reference Desk, participates in the Mobile Librarian service, and responds to virtual services.  FGCU librarians also work on their own scholarly research and serve and participate on a variety of university committees and activities. 

What’s it like to work at FGCU Library?
With 18 librarians and 25 staff, FGCU Library is big enough to engage in sophisticated projects but small enough that all of our departments work collaboratively.  We are known for being the most collegial professionals on campus.  Our technology support is continually looking for new ways to help students succeed, and the library’s leadership team is always open to new ideas.  For example, we just implemented book delivery to faculty and staff offices across campus, and have recently begun a pilot project to purchase high use, high demand textbooks.

July 11, 2018

Reminder - Call for Papers and Posters

Hello Southern Chapter:

This is just a reminder that the deadline for submission is this Sunday, July 15th.  

SC/MLA 2018 Call for Papers and Posters
The 2018 SC/MLA Programming Committee invites you to submit proposals for contributed papers and posters for the 2018 SC/MLA 68th annual meeting in Orlando Florida during October 25 – October 28th. The meeting will be held at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort. This year’s theme is “Experience the Magic: Libraries of Tomorrow.” Check the conference website (coming soon) for full meeting details and up-to-the-minute information. This year’s posters’ and papers’ theme is “Warp speed ahead: keeping up with trends, managing change, and anticipating the unknown."

July 5, 2018

MLA ‘18 Presidential Inaugural Address Recap

By Melanie Allen, MSIS, AHIP, University of Tennessee, Knoxville - John C. Hodges Library

During MLA ‘18, I was fortunate to be able to attend the inaugural address of MLA’s Incoming President Beverly Murphy, AHIP, FMLA on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Her talk was entitled “If Chef Ramsey was coming to your house, what would you cook?”, and it opened with a musical prelude of Stevie Wonder’s “You are the Sunshine of My Life” (to which I sang along with many others!)

Beverly began her talk by sitting at a table on the stage to have a conversation with attendees, and she expressed that she is “proud and honored” to be serving as MLA’s first African American President. She is a member of MLA’s Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and currently serves as board liaison to the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. She stated that diversity “drives excellence and makes us smarter”, and that our profession has not caught up with diversity that is reflected in society. The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is working to increase diversity within MLA, and it held an open discussion with MLA ‘18 attendees on Sunday, May 20.

Beverly also encouraged MLA members to participate in mentorship opportunities through MLA’s Colleague Connection and Mentoring/Expertise Directory, and she emphasized that mentorship is an important part of recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. She also touched on how MLA’s communities are changing and being reviewed by groups like the Communities Strategic Goal Task Force to ensure that MLA is meeting the needs of its members. Beverly also encouraged us to remain open, flexible and positive throughout the changes that will occur within MLA over the next year.

Her personal message to MLA members centers around having open hearts and open minds. Beverly’s open heart surrounds her love of librarianship, and she celebrates diversity and meeting those that she doesn’t already know. Her open mind has evolved over the 20+ years that Beverly has spent in the profession, and she feels that “where the heart goes, the mind will follow.” Beverly also introduced us to Cardiana, a heart-shaped pillow that she carries to collect ideas that MLA members would like to share with her.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Beverly at the annual dinner for the African American Medical Library Alliance Special Interest Group (SIG), and I am eager to see how MLA thrives under her leadership during the upcoming year. To learn more about Beverly’s talk and other MLA ‘18 perspectives, please visit the MLA ‘18 Annual Meeting Blog and check out Nisha Moody’s ACRLog post on “Amping Up Diversity & Inclusivity in Medical Librarianship”.

May 14, 2018

MLA Event - Library School Reunion Tea

Library School Reunion Tea

As you're planning your conference activities, don’t forget this annual event!!!

You are invited to the Library School Reunion Tea, hosted by the Medical Library Education Section.

Q: What is the Library School Reunion?

A: The Library School reunion is a networking event that is open to any MLA attendee.  Due to the generous support of our Library Schools, you can stop by, meet with former classmates, and make new connections over tea and assortment of treats.

Sunday, May 20th, 2018, 2:00 PM—2:55 PM
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Room: Courtland
Join us for great refreshments and raffle drawing

Life gives us brief  moments with another…….but sometimes in those moments we get memories that last a life time

April 27, 2018

SC/MLA 2018 Reviewers Needed

SC/MLA 2018 Reviewers Needed
The 2018 SC/MLA Programming Committee is also recruiting volunteers to review the poster and paper abstracts submitted for the upcoming 2018 SC/MLA annual meeting to be held in Orlando, FL, during October 25-28, 2018.  Volunteers should expect to review up to six (6) abstracts.  The abstracts are roughly 300 words each.  Reviewers will have approximately four weeks, between July 15th – August 12th, to complete the review process so that the committee can notify authors by August 17th. Review instructions will accompany the abstracts emailed to reviewers.

To volunteer contact:

Posters: Frank Fajardo at ffajardo@fiu.edu
Papers: Nicole Mitchell at nmitchell@acom.edu

SC/MLA 2018 Call for Papers and Posters!

The 2018 SC/MLA Programming Committee invites you to submit proposals for contributed papers and posters for the 2018 SC/MLA 68th annual meeting in Orlando Florida during October 25 – October 28. The meeting will be held at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort. This year’s theme is “Experience the Magic: Libraries of Tomorrow.” Check the conference website (coming soon) for full meeting details and up-to-the-minute information.  This year’s posters’ and papers’ theme is “Warp speed ahead: keeping up with trends, managing change, and anticipating the unknown”.

Consider the following as you develop a proposal for submission:
  • Keeping up with Trends. Discuss the newest technologies, changing service models, and big ideas that your library and other libraries are exploring.
  • Managing Change. Demonstrate some of the ways your library’s service model, job responsibilities, and place within the wider organization have changed.  Discuss how you have managed this evolution and the lessons you learned in the process.
  • Anticipating the Unknown. Explore ways your library can stay abreast of changes in its user communities so you are poised to respond and adapt to these changes.

Submit two copies of the structured abstract (300-word maximum) using the format of MLA’s Research Section information on creating a structured abstract: http://www.mlanet.org/page/structured-abstract.
·         In the first copy of the abstract, include a list of authors, their institutional affiliations, email addresses, and telephone numbers.
·         The second copy will be used in a blind review process and must not include any specific information that would identify authors or institutions.

Both posters and papers will be evaluated based on their originality, innovation, organization and clarity of presentation, as well as their relevance to the meeting’s theme.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is Sunday, July 15th. Authors will be notified of acceptance no later than Friday, August 17th.  If accepted, the deadline for submitting final, revised abstracts will be Friday, September 28th. Completed paper presentations and poster displays will be due in the weeks leading up to the conference.

Additional information (i.e. time, location, setup instructions, etc.) will be sent with acceptance notification. Those presenting in Orlando must be registered for the meeting.

  • Papers: Email paper abstracts to scmlapapers2018@gmail.com using a Microsoft Word attachment.  You will receive a confirmation receipt within two business days.
  • Posters: Email poster abstracts to scmlaposters2018@gmail.com using a Microsoft Word attachment. You will receive a confirmation receipt within two business days.  


If you have questions, please contact Lisa Ennis at lennis@acom.edu, Nicole Mitchell at nmitchell@acom.edu, Frank Fajardo at ffajardo@fiu.edu (posters), or Rebecca Roth at rroth@fiu.edu (posters).

SC/MLA 2018: Experience the Magic: Libraries of Tomorrow

SCMLA 2018 Banner: Experience the Magic

From the SC/MLA Program Committee:
The SC/MLA Annual Meeting will be held October 25 – October 28, 2018 at the Wyndham in sunny Lake Buena Vista, FL., right in the middle of Disney Springs.  Our theme this year is “Experience the Magic: Libraries of Tomorrow.”  The 2018 Program Committee wants to emphasize the fun of our meeting location, but also seriously talk about where libraries are headed and where librarians, of all stripes, fit in.  Registration will be up soon, but hotel reservations are already available by calling 800-624-4109 or at: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/groups/hr/southern-chapter-med-library-assoc .  The conference rate of $149 will apply three days before and after the conference, provided the hotel has rooms available.
Our featured speakers include Julie M. Esparza, Comegys Endowed Professor in Medical Library Science at LSU Health Shreveport and now MLA President-Elect, to discuss what hospital and academic librarians can look forward to in their libraries.  Our second featured speaker will be Shirley Zhao, MSLIS, MS, Data Science Librarian at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library in Utah who will be speaking on what data science means to libraries and how librarians can become involved.
Continuing Education offerings will stick with a half day (4hr) format that has been popular with members.  So far we have Julie Esparza teaching a course on clinical communication; Ayaba Logan teaching a course on qualitative data analysis; and Skye Bickett and Christine Willis teaching a class on marketing and needs assessment. 
Program-Chair Lindsay Blake along with the committee members are planning an engaging meeting focusing on data management, libraries of the future, and health. Thank you to Rose Bland and Nadine Dexter and their local arrangements team for agreeing to host this meeting. They are busy handling all the details to make the meeting run smoothly and gathering together a listing of the highlights and events you don’t want to miss while you are in Orlando! So book your flight and leave extra time for a trip to Disney World, Universal, and/or Harry Potter World!