October 30, 2014

Expanding Roles in Medicine

Many of us are doing wonderful work in expanding our presence in the hospital, medical schools and communities.  During the second paper session on Wednesday, October 29, Moonlight E there were a number of idea generating papers presented.  I am presenting my notes on three.

Medical Students Making an Evidence-Based Impact - Emily Brenanan - MUSC
- Evidence Based Practice Center   is a collaboration between the Library and Quality Improvement Dept in the Hopsital
- To make EBP more relevant to the students a 12 week interprofessional EBP course was motified for a semester long course for medical students
     - 10 clinical topics choosen based on current hospital needs
     - 2-6 PICO questions available per clinical topic
     - Clinical scenarios are developed based on the clinical areas of need and assigned to small groups of students.
     - Student groups create the PICO, do the search of the litearture, appraise findings and present to the hospital quality improvement.
     - Librarian oversees all aspects to ensure quality work, by meeting with student groups, monitoring RefWorks account, etc.
     -  Finished projects will be turned into order sets in the Electronic Health Record

Curriculum 2.0 Redesign: A Library's Participatory Approach to Evidence Integration - Megan Clancy - Vanderbilt
- Librarians involved in two weeks of new curriculum, began this Fall 2014
- Spend time teaching about indexing and controlled vocabulary to help students understand how PubMed searches differently then Google and what they will receive as results.
- Using JAMA Evidence as base for teaching Evidence-Based Medicine

Construsting a Role on a College of Medicine's Rural Clinical Rotation - Rick Wallace -
- Required community rotation for medical students
- Librarians visit every six weeks to review statistics data, etc
- One hour evidence training class
- Students are required to participate in health fairs
  - Library became involved in health fairs to help distribute information
- Information grant received to support clinic in the area

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