October 31, 2014

Papers in Moonlight D: Part II

On Wednesday in Moonlight D, we heard from four different librarians/groups of librarians:

Yvonne Mills represented the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center and discussed that library's effort to promote their collection using their collection development policy. It's a really cool idea and definitely something I'd like to look into a my library. The library increased the percentage of Doody's Core Titles they had in their collection and tried out a token system (with Wiley) in the process.

I shared my insights on conducting library website usability tests using free or low-cost resources; something we're currently working on at my library. I was very happy to have an opportunity to share my thoughts with my colleagues within the Southern Chapter.

Rebecca Harrington discussed how she successfully implemented a proxy system so that patrons of her hospital library could access resources off-site and made use of a number of cloud-based tools (such as LibGuides) to improve the look and usability of her library's web presence. She did all this despite a number of obstacles and challenges. Creativity goes a long way!

Although I'm not a systems librarian, I enjoyed listening to some of our colleagues from Georgia describe their state system's plans to switch to a "next gen" shared ILS. They're still in the midst of finalizing their report, but it's great to hear that they have this opportunity to move to a newer, more efficient and more robust system. There's a lot to consider when taking such a big step.

I wish I could have attended all the paper presentations! There were such interesting-sounding projects among the sessions I didn't get the chance to drop in on.

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