March 31, 2016

Call for Southern Chapter Officer Nominations

The SC/MLA Nominating Committee is soliciting nominations and/or self-nominations for Program Chair-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and the MLA Nominating Committee Potential Candidate. More information on duties for each position can be found in Article IV of the SC/MLA bylaws. Please consider nominating yourself or someone else for one of these positions!

For nominations, or self-nominations, of Southern Chapter officers, please remember that all candidates should be regular members of MLA as well as current members of Southern Chapter/MLA. Candidates should also be considered based on at least two of the criteria described for each office.

The criteria for each position can be found on the SC/MLA website. Please take a look at the criteria and consider nominating or self-nominating a colleague for one of these positions.

Please send recommendations to Richard Nollan, Nominating Committee Chair, at Please contact him with any questions. 

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