May 30, 2016

Honors and Awards Deadline: Only Two Days Away!

There are only two days left to apply for the Martha C. Watkins Memorial Scholarship, First Time Attendee Scholarship, and Academic Librarian of the Year. For all honors and awards, please submit nominations/applications to the Chair of the Honors and Awards Committee.

No one has applied as of yet for The Martha C. Watkins Memorial Scholarship and time is running out! This award, established in 1996, is a great way to take a course or workshop at the next Southern Chapter annual meeting. It will cover any necessary expenses for that course. More information can be found on the website. Please consider applying for this award.

If you have never attended a Southern Chapter annual meeting and would like to with funding, apply for the First Time Attendee Scholarship. The scholarship is designed to pay for registration, travel, accommodation, meal, and one CE course. Applicants must answer, “What do you expect to gain professionally and/or personally by attending the SC/MLA annual meeting?” Please see the website for more information.

As with the Watkins Memorial Scholarship, no one has applied or been nominated for The Academic Librarian of the Year Award. This is a great way to recognize someone for their hard work and dedication. Please think of a deserving colleague and consider nominating them. Further information for nominating can be found here.

The deadline for these honors and awards is June 1

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