May 11, 2016

SC/MLA Members Presenting at MLA Annual Meeting

Between presenting papers and posters to serving on committees, SC/MLA members will have quite the presence at Mosaic ’16, the joint meeting of the Medical Library Association, Canadian Health Libraries Association, and the International Clinical Librarian Conference (ICLC). As you are developing your meeting schedule, please take the time to support your fellow chapter members by attending their paper presentations and visiting them at their posters. Check out the list of SC/MLA member papers and posters below. If your paper/poster is not listed, please include it in the comments section. Good luck everyone, and have fun!


Ansell, M., Reazer, J., Norton, H., Kuntz, G. Increasing Access, Reducing Stigma: Improving HIV/AIDS Information Communication in North Florida.

Bandy, S., Sharrock, R. Creating a Mosaic of History Lectures for the Health Sciences.

Blake, L. Evaluating an Embedded Program: Increasing Awareness, Expanding Services, and Fulfilling Patron Needs.

Bullers, K., Howard, A., Orriola, J., Polo, R., Sakmar, K. How Long Does It Take to Paint Your Part of the Big Picture: The Time Librarians Spend on Systematic Review Tasks.

Gillum, S., Walton, D., Herring, P., Williams, N., Dexter, N. Librarians as Part of the Big Picture: Collaborating with Faculty and Instructional Designers to Create a Rubric for Students on How to Use Evidence-Based Medicine Resources.

Hinton, E., Norris, M., Clark, S. Student Perceptions of Librarian-Facilitated IPE Sessions.

Hinton, E., Clark, S. Designing a Library Resource Module for an Interprofessional Curriculum.

Laera, E. Act like a librarian, think like an administrator: using data to communicate with administration. P

Leonard, K., Oelschlegel, S., Earl, M., & Doyle, D. Marketing a Consumer Health Service: A Mosaic of Cultures to Promote Patient Education.

Leslie, S., Willoughby, E., Jones, J., Gissentanner, T. Designing an Interactive Web-based Tutorial for Health Sciences Students:  A Collaborative Library Project.  

Stribling, J., Douglas-Williams, T., Sutton, S., Keller, K. Our Role and Impact on Increasing Patient Safety and Reducing Readmissions in the Hospital Setting.

Wallace, R. Understanding User Needs Through Focus Groups.

Wood, M., Mouratidis, R. Libraries as Publishers: Creating an Open Access Journal to Connect Patients and Providers.


Ansell, M., Cottler, L., Piazza, V., Tennant, M. Community Collaborations to Establish Consumer Health Services for Underserved Populations.

Blake, L. Facilitating Access to LGBT Specific Health Information for Patients and Providers.

Blake, L. Library on Demand: Developing an Education Outreach Webinar Series.

Blake, L. Piloting an Online Evidence-Based Practice Course for Nurses.

Fajardo, F., Stevens, G. Building Connections: Outreach During the First Year as a Liaison Librarian.
Gillum, S., Williams, N. Medical Librarians’ Role in Clinician Recruiting in the Information Age

Grabowsky, A. Collecting Pre-class Information from First Year Pharmacy Students in Order to Increase Student Engagement with Library Instruction.

Laera, E. Evaluating clinical librarian services provided by a solo librarian.

Lemley, T., Wright, A. A Program Evaluation to Determine Preferences of Readers of an Online Newsletter of a Health Sciences Library.

Wallace, R. Determining the Mosaic of Information Usage Habits of Faculty and Staff. 

Wallace, R. Piecing Together the Mosaic of Rural Clinician Information Practices over a Twenty-Year Period.

Wallace, R. Using Checklists to Train Users to Use the Mosaic of Library Resources and Services.

Watts, G. Life After "The Big Deal": An Examination of Methods and Usage in the Wake of Cancellation of a Comprehensive EJournal Package.

Willis, C. Noble Learning Resource Center Reboot.

Willis, C., Douglas-Williams, T., Glover, S. Search Smart for Your Health - a Statewide Health Literacy Campaign.

Willis, C., Glover, S., Douglas-Williams, T., Edwards, M. Search Smart for Your Health: A Statewide Health Literacy Campaign.

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