July 29, 2016

Interested in research? Apply for the Jocelyn Rankin Memorial Scholarship!

The Jocelyn Rankin Memorial Scholarship assists Southern Chapter members in gaining needed skills and knowledge to perform, implement, and promote research projects within their institutions, communities, and across the field of medical librarianship. The scholarship honors Dr. Jocelyn Rankin, who founded SC/MLA’s Research Committee.

The amount awarded (not to exceed $500) can be used to defray expenses of a research-related continuing education course or workshop (e.g., tuition, travel, etc.). Preference will be given to courses sponsored by SC/MLA or MLA, however, the jury will consider courses sponsored by other organizations. Please review all scholarship policies and guidelines.

To apply for this award, email the application to Randall Watts (wattsg@musc.edu), Chair of the Honors & Awards Committee, no later than 30 days prior to course/workshop start date.

After the Annual Meeting, the awardees will write a brief report about the course/workshop for publication in the SC/MLA newsletter and blog.

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