September 27, 2016

SC/MLA Annual Meeting: Sneak Peak of the Poster Presentation, "Changes in the Handling of Linked References"

This week, we are offering you a glimpse of the poster, “Changes in the Handling of Linked References” by Nancy Schaefer, University of Florida Health Science Center Libraries, Gainesville, FL.

How quickly do links “rot” (become dysfunctional) in health science journals’ reference lists? How are publishers handling rotted links? This poster reports a pilot study on one “most used” society-owned journal in each of 3 types of health disciplines: general medicine, a clinical specialty and an allied health field.  Stop by “ Changes in the Handling of Linked References”  during the second poster session at SC/MLA 2016 on Wednesday, October 5 to learn what the author discovered and her suggestions for helping authors and researchers deal with link rot.

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