February 20, 2017

Honorary Membership Award

It’s Honors and Awards season again and here’s another great award to consider nominating someone for! A couple of weeks ago, a call went out for applications/nominations for the T. Mark Hodges Award. Please consider applying or nominating someone for this award! The next award to consider is Honorary Membership, which recognizes a retired member.

Honorary Membership is for any member who, upon retirement from active service, has made significant and consistent contributions to SC/MLA or the profession. They must hold a current membership in the Chapter at the time of retirement. Significant contributions can include serving in elected or appointed offices, on chapter committees, or developing chapter meetings. They can also include publications, presentations, mentoring, and more. For more information, please see here.

Applications or nominations are due April 10.

Please submit the completed nomination/application with supporting documentation to Justin Robertson, Chair Honor & Awards Committee. 

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