April 11, 2017

Apply Now for the Academic Librarian of the Year Award!

Do you know someone who has made outstanding regional, national, or international contributions to academic health sciences librarianship? Is there a colleague who has shown the potential for leadership and demonstrated excellence in performance, publications, research, and/or service? If so, then you should nominate them for the Academic Librarian of the Year Award!

The nominee must be a member of both SC/MLA and MLA as well as be in "mid-career," meaning working at least 5 years and not more than 15 years in an academic health sciences library. Please keep in mind the nominee may not be a library director.

If you would like to nominate, please include:

  • A precise description of the nominee's achievements.
  • A current resume or CV.
  • Any additional information which may assist the committee in evaluation (i.e. AHIP membership).
  • Up to three letters of support may be attached and is optional. 
Please submit the required information by June 1. Recommendations should be submitted to the Chair of the Honors and Awards Committee

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